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work piece

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work piece



We Propose Chamfering and Deburring Solutions. 



gear deburring 

Provide Chamfering and Deburring solutions on many
types of material regardless of the size and shape.

SENJO SEIKI is an integrated manufacturer of Chamfering and Deburring
Machines. Due to high quality demand and cost problem in production
process, the needs for chamfering and deburring field is extremely
diversified and sophisticated. Therefore, we are continuously researching
to achieve speedy and advanced chamfering deburring technology.
Regardless of the work sizes, we process not only gear, sprocket, press
metal work, different forging shapes but also MC Nylon, Glass and
other materials.Taking advantage of the Chamfering and Deburring
know-how we have been experienced, we propose the best solutions
for our customer.




 Main Target Industry

・Automotive Industry ・Motorcycle Industry ・Construction Machine Industry ・Wind Turbine Industry
・Optical Equipment Industry ・Gear Box Industry ・Agricultural Machine Industry, etc.

flange burr ditch burr
mc nylon burr hypoid gear burr
wheel hub helical gear







Work Piece


Product Information


Company Profile





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